Frans van Viegen

Tell me, and I will forget.
 Show me, and I may remember. 
Involve me, and I will understand.     
Confucius (BC450)

In 2008, after 30 years of managerial functions in the international banking world, Frans van Viegen chose to pursue his life-long hobby; photography.His work mostly focusses on people; what moves them, what roles they fulfill and within which context, which framework, they function. People that step out of their framework to realize a new framework was created. He started out with a focus on portrait photography, but through his studies at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam, combined with his internship with international artist Geert Mul, he felt he was limited by this narrow focus on portrait photography and set out to do it differently. His work had to become more free, more creative. Less a work of the mind, more a work of the heart. In his current interactive projects he uses personal images and his own context as starting point for the viewer, which is meant to encourage the viewer to make it his or her own story. A combination of imagery, movement and sound. With Confucius' quote in mind, he explores new possibilities to portray people and their environment. Aside from his own photographic projects, he also helps realize projects of other artists as their producer. His partnership with Geert Mul is a prime example of this. Frans finished his studies at the Photo Academy Amsterdam with Honors in december 2012.
Frans in de studio
Frans  opbouw Groningen
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