Based on both his background as Manager/Consultant in international environments and his own expertise as an artist, Frans and his partners deliver production management , advice and support to other artist.

Scattered Conflux : Geert Mul 2016
Production Management : Frans van Viegen
Smart City Art Mystic : Geert Mul - 2016
Production Management : Frans van Viegen
NATUREALLY  : Geert Mul -2016
Production Management : Frans van Viegen
Geert Mul 2015
A kinetic art work 
with possible appearances.
Frans van Viegen Production Management of Lenticular Cloud and photography
Geert Mul (2014)
Dome 800 x 380 cm. Transparant printed foil and LED light.
Frans van Viegen Production Support, Lightning, Photography
Exponential View
Led Light & Paintings
Geert Mul 2013
Frans van Viegen Production, Photography
Geert Mul 2013
Interactive installation featuring 500 Shan-Shui (Mountain - Water) style Chinese paintings
Frans van Viegen Production Support
Pleisto-Scene, Geert Mul. 2013
Spacial installation with transparent inkjet prints and Led-light, Tschumi pavilion, Groningen
Frans van Viegen  Production Support, Lightning, Photography
VOLT interactive installation
 commissioned by Beeld en Geluid Hilversum
Frans van Viegen Photography and Production support
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