WHAT E.L.L.S ?. ( Eternal Life Lighting Skull)
Is an interactive light project of © Frans van Viegen, as part of and inspirated by a group of 64 international artist, curated by Ron Weijers, see the link here to the project and all other artist. (extra information)
I was highly challenged with this participation in the Get Out Of Your Skull project as a photographer. Grabbing a good challenge is on the other hand, the thing that makes me going as a multimedia artist. From the start I knew I wanted to somehow breathe "life" into this dead skull and, as I try to do in all my works, have the viewer have a felt interaction with my work. A kind of communication with the skull. The skull responds to me, the viewer.The skull as a representative of infinite life, became my focus. As an artist, I am always in for new paths not yet trodden by myself. So I purchased a small computer, a string of directly controllable LEDs and a sensor like those used in drones and began to bring the skull to life. 250 solderings later, the skull came to life. To emphasize the eternal life idea, I drilled patterns from the different cultures that somehow represent "eternal life" into various places in the skull. I made the skull black, to emphasize the "not living" idea, and placed it in a cube that has mirrored walls inside. In this way eternal life is reflected in and around the skull and "What E.L.L.S ?” (Eternal life lightning skull) was born
The Get out of your skull art project, is a corona proof, non-subsidized, artists for artists initiative with the participation of an international group of 64 artists from 20 countries, initiated and curated by Ron Weijers for the 10dence platform. This project united a large group of artists during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with all its restrictions and problematic effects on their individual art practices as well as the international artworld. Aiming primarily on providing a positive vibe, to stimulate creative processes, to provide a psychological boost, to re-ignite a possibility to communicate and to network as well as to generate a bright light at the end of the corona tunnel during these darkened times. 
The Get Out Of Your Skull project will be presented to the public within venues at de Zilverhof exhibition space - Ghent - Belgium from 13 till 29 08 2021 - La Providence art centre - Ille sur Tet - France from 05 till 19 09 2021 - World Art Delft [WAD] - Delft - the Netherlands from 15-10 till 7-11 2021 - Arti et Amicitiae [ArtSpace] - Amsterdam - the Netherlands from 17 till 21 01 2022 and de Leutfabriek - Sas van Gent - the Netherlands from 28-01 till 06-02 2022. A digital venue of this project will be presented at ArtWall and www.10dencegallery.com and the project is promotional supported by Global Art Project (GAP), High Art Fridays (HAF) and Inspirational Magazine amongst others. (governmental corona restrictions on public venues applicable)
The Get Out of Your skull art project enjoys and welcomes the warm support of High Art Fridays (HAF) art platform and curator Ron Shelton, Art Wall and editor/curator Laszlo Ladany, Inspirational Magazine and editor John Hopper, Global Art Project (GAP) and Carl Heyward, municipality of Ghent, Belgium, La Providence Art Center - France with curator/coordinator Dimitri Xato and Christine Campadieu, World Art Delft and curator Paula Kouwenhoven, Arti et Amicitiae ArtSpace Amsterdam and coordinator Dirk-Jan Jager and de leutfabriek and curator/coordinator Jan Vinke and Domien van Parys

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